5 Things Men Should Check Before Buying A Fur Coat

When looking to invest in any clothing that will enable you to make a fashion statement wherever you go, nothing ever comes close to the impact created by a perfect fur coat. And if you are a man who is planning to buy a fur coat soon, make sure you keep the following tips in mind while shopping.


  1. Real Vs Faux

Decide whether you want a real fur or a faux fur. While faux fur will cost you less and might also pass for the real one, it will never have the quality and comfort that a real fur coat offers. And if you have decided on buying a real fur coat, ensure that the men’s fur coats for sale at the store are genuine and not faux. This can be done by a simple burn test. Just take a hair from the coat and burn it. If the hair smells like melted plastic, then the coat is made from faux fur. In contrast, if the hair smells similar to burnt human hair, then that is definitely a coat made of real fur.

  1. Size Of The Coat

A fur coat that is too big in size can make the upper part of your body look very big. This might work on some people while looking absolutely horrible on others. As such, it would be better if you stick to a fur coat that fits you well. The length of the coat is also of great importance. In case you live in a colder climate, then a long coat that reaches your knees is preferable. However, if the climate is not too cold but only slightly cool, then you can consider fur coats that just reach the waist.

  1. Color

Typically, men often choose fur coats that are darker in shade, like dark brown and such. But whatever color you choose, make sure that it will go well with the rest of the clothes you typically wear. The color aspect will largely depend on the type of coat you select – whether it is mink, fox, fisher, and so on.


  1. Manufacturing Location

Check the manufacturing location of the fur coat since some regions are well known for producing high-quality ones.  For example, if you see that the manufacturing location of the coat is anywhere in North America or Europe, you can blindly buy them since the quality is likely to be high. In contrast, fur coats from China will require a deeper inspection to ensure that it is not of a cheap quality.

  1. Full Skin Vs Cropped

The difference between a full skin and a cropped fur coat is that while the former is made from whole skin, the latter is made from various pieces of skin. As a consequence, a cropped fur coat will contain pieces which are not at all symmetrical with each other. On the other hand, they are known to be far cheaper than a full skin one. But if you are looking for the best quality coat, then a full skin fur coat is the best choice.