Income Ideas for Digital Nomads

To be honest with you, having an online business was not part of my location independent business plan.

In fact, I just started researching how to get location free lifestyle business ideas because I’m the kind of person who is extremely curious and loves reading and researching different subjects.

But when I realized that making money online was possible and there were honest ways, I decided to find as many ways as possible.

So keep reading to learn about the online nomadic business ideas I have set aside for you to figure out how to make money on the internet.

Income Ideas for Digital Nomads

1-Import from China and the United States

Importing products from other countries is becoming easier. And the advantage of importing from China / United States is that you get super low prices. So why not make money from it? A good idea is also to create an online store.

2-Be a Youtuber

A very enjoyable activity that most often starts only with the idea of gaining followers, has turned out to be one of the best online business ideas.

One strategy that can help is to create a blog and to post your YouTube videos too.

3-Create a blog

Not only create, but you need to keep this blog feeding it with periodic, creative and quality publications. 

A professional blog, specific to a well-defined niche, is one of the online business ideas. And you can link it to your YouTube channel to maximize earnings.


Yes, that’s right you read! Clicking is also one of the online businesses you can have.

Clicking on ads is something we usually do, but we don’t get anything from it, right?! So this is one of the online business ideas that combine business with pleasure.

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