Choosing The Perfect Yacht Crew Uniform

Recent years have seen a casualization of uniforms in many working spheres. Modern crew uniforms need to be more elegant,  sophisticated and practical compared to the formal uniform seen in the past few years. Choosing the right superyacht crew uniform is quite essential. It is because the uniform needs to be designed for multi-climatic environments.

There is a dire need to make crew uniform collection from high-quality materials.  Majority of uniforms worn by crew members on yachts are a combination of shorts with shirts/polo shirts. A high number of these uniforms are made of 100% cotton or polyester/cotton mix.  Crew members go through multiple uniform changes throughout a day because of the extreme weather conditions. A crew uniform should boast top quality fabrics for maintaining body temperature under extreme weather conditions: high temperature, high humidity, wind, etc. A happy and elegant looking crew will always Functions and perform better.

Many designers consider crew uniforms a crucial aspect while designing yachts. For example, Philippe Starck integrated a monochrome uniform while designing Motor Yacht A to complement the yacht decor. The uniform consisted of white shirts with white trousers for the male crew during the daytime. During the night, the uniform was a close-fitting T-shirt to show off the toned physiques. There are still some facts which needs to be considered while choosing the right yacht crew uniform.

  • Different Sizes

Chances are not all the crew members are of the same height. Even if they are, chances of having same body proportion are highly unlikely. There is always a little variation in size while shopping in any branded store. But crew uniforms take it one step ahead and shows quite some variation between different sizes. It easily goes two sizes up. It is not suitable if the deck members, stewardesses, and engineering departments look good individually but if put together, look out of place because of the uniform. It is best recommended to take some time off before joining a yacht and visit a brand that provides the best uniform fitting for modern yacht.

  • Presentation

Presentation of your uniform is the most important aspect of yacht crew. One cannot overlook the Presentation of the uniform which is why it is the most important aspect of yacht crew. A yacht steward/stewardess takes a great deal of pride in their uniform appearance, from perfectly ironed uniform to final touches(makeup, jewelry, etc). You can easily find many service-based companies which provide superyacht uniforms on Recent years have seen the world of superyachts having strict rules and regulations when it comes to uniform, which is very similar to airlines.  The crew is expected to look their best, no what time of day it is.

  • Classic White Shirts & Polos

White is considered to be the best merging color when it comes to fashion & styling. But a uniform of white shorts/polos might not be a good idea as the deck crew needs to deal with oil and grease quite often. Yacht uniform companies are advancing to provide a wide variety of uniforms to suit everyone according to their body type. Companies now understand that crew members can do their best if they are not bounded by an uncomfortable uniform.