How to Grow Your Following Fast

Have you tired of posting to your handful followers on Instagram without getting no result? But how to get followers on Instagram fast? Don’t fret, follow our tips to grow your Instagram followers.

Are you ready?

How to get followers on Instagram? There are 5 tips to take for increasing your followers.

  • Post more often
  • Use all video formats of Instagram
  • Use proper hashtags
  • Use Instagram stories

Post More often:

If you are a brand or running a personal account, be active in order to boost the ratio of post engagement and entice your potential followers. The recent studies indicate that consistent posting (2 times a day) is crucial to deal with the timeline of a new algorithm of Instagram. Also, you must know when the best time to share your post with your fans. The suggested time to post id between 8 is to 9 am and 2 pm to 5 pm. Even the lunchtime (2 pm) is a good time to post.

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Explore all video formats on Instagram:

A video has worth 1.8 million words. No doubt, video content is most popular and most watched media on the web. Instagram offers their users a variety of options for videos. You can mash up a lot of video into a single video clip and share it with your fans through Instagram stories. More than that you can post 60 seconds video on your page. Even you can go live and stream your moments with your followers. Make sure to explore each video format and use it to engage your audience.

Use proper hashtags:

Your hashtags decide whether your post will appear at the top position of exploring page or sinking to the feed’ bottom. Choose the right hashtag that has less competition e.g. if you are posting a picture of your Christmas holiday, use #Christmasdays instead of #Christmasholidays. Choose the mix of niche specific and trending hashtags to connect with your potential followers. There is also a factor that plays a critical role to increase post engagement i.e. number of hashtags. Don’t use too many hashtags with one post, use up to 7-11 hashtags with each post to get more likes.

Use Instagram Stories:

On Instagram, over 400 million stories are being uploaded every day and it is also considered as most viewed content. There are nearly one-third stories come from brand or businesses. You can post either photos or video and even mix of images and video in a post. The lifetime of stories is too short i.e. 24 hours but the benefits of Instagram stories last longer for appearing as a top post in the explore section, gain followers, increase engagement ratio and post reach. When you post the story (live or prerecorded), your followers from instaboostgram get a notification that increases the chances to get more views and likes. It is ideal to grab the attention of the people when you share your thoughts, go behind the scene, cover live events and share narratives.