3 Essential Tips to Avoid Bone Damage

Are you afraid of Bone Damage? Surprising, you may just be adding up to it with your current routine. if you want the solution for a healthy life, then prepare for some big changes. We are giving you a few valuable tips that will help you prevent any further Bone Damage. Make sure you read these tips carefully and follow them to the note.  


  • Drinking

Drinking on the weekends is fine, but being an alcoholic all the time can make you lose your bone mass with passage of time. The fact is, alcohol disrupts the absorption of calcium and vitamin D in bones, which leads to Bone Damage. Therefore you need to keep your drinking in control for healthy bone formation. Drinking too much alcohol can ruin osteoblasts. These are the cells responsible for making and maintaining your bones.

  • Smoking

Your lungs are not the only thing being ruined by your habit, smoking also damages your bone. There are different ingredients in cigarettes which interfere with your bone health. There is not much supportive data but smoking does disrupt the important process for keeping the bones healthy. Smoking also leads to the breakage of bone tissue and speeds up the break down process. Constantly smoking can make you and your bones weak.

  • Couch Potato

Nothing damages your body more than lying around all day. Being a couch potato is a health hazard, and it leads to severe Bone Damage. A lazy lifestyle often leads to osteoporosis. The fact is, your bones needs to endure stress and strain in order to be strong. You need to exercise on daily basis if you want to keep safe from bone damage. If nothing else, make sure you walk for at least 30 minutes every day. It will provide the necessary strength for a healthy living.