Want to Start a Professional Speaker Career?


A lot of people want to know how to become a speaking professional! There are many people want to as about recurring questions on this topic. There are people who work in a certain area and want to radically change their careers. Others wish to associate the career of a professional speaker with their professional activity. And yet, people who aspire to live only on the lecture market. I think all this is great! There is space and market for everyone.


Check out the tips:

  1. Make each talk the best of your life. How? Put in each lecture the emotion of the first, but with responsibility, knowledge, experience and emotion as if it were the last lecture of your life.
  2. Excel at each presentation. Not in relation to other speakers, but in relation to yourself, in relation to the last lecture. The goal should be to hear from the contractor at the end of the lecture: try to exceed your expectations!
  3. Try to see other speakers in action (national and foreign) and watch everything very carefully to know what you should not do and create your style. Your differential is your guarantee of success. It is in this moment that you realize that you have become a brand, a model to be followed. And for a speaker this is very important.
  4. You must have someone to negotiate your talks. A speaker who wants projection should not deal directly with commercial issues, especially because, to be good, there is no time to be making sales, negotiations, etc. because most of the time you must invest in yourself, in your development as a person, improving your knowledge, investing in research and innovation, in associated products, etc.
  5. Never scold the public. Repeat internally: innovate, break the protocol, surprise, inspire, change the climate, make a difference. At that moment you are in charge: take over.