Best Free Android Games This Month

You must be getting bored playing same games again and again. Now, it’s time to bring a thrilling change in your life. We have gathered some of the best free android games updated or released recently. Let’s see what grabs your interest the most.

Dead Effect 2


If you are after shooting games and would like to try a new title, Dead Effect 2 is a free game designed to give users a great shooting experience on the go. You just need to follow the tempting storyline, develop and train your character, upgrade and collect weapons, great and advanced body implants. You get console quality sound and graphics along with lifelike ragdoll effects. There’re about 3 different characters and 40 plus upgradable weapons. So, give this amazing game a little try and see how you could kill your free time with this immersive gameplay.


Chemistry is your favorite subject and want to play with chemistry symbols like Nb, Sr, H, and Hg? The Atomas is an addictive puzzle game that best entertains you in your free time. It’s all about atom and you would need to create elements like Silver, Platinum and Gold. The game is super easy and doesn’t require any rocket science to comprehend the storyline.

Angry Birds 2


That’s biggie and most of us have already known about its engaging gameplay. This time, Roxio brings you upgraded version, Angry Birds 2. It’s a free game and offers a very thrilling gaming experience. So, turn your idle time into true entertainment with this amazing game.

Here’s what Roxio has to say you;

‘’We have fixed the crash that some of you have been experiencing since our last update. If you are still unable to play, please visit and tell us more about the issue. We thank you for your patience and support.’’